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Images used in "Waiting" exhibition

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In order of presentation, the images shown are taken, in places and at times, as follows:

Girl waiting in public square - Vilnius, Lithuania 2003

Woman at bus stop - London 2011

College Porter and his bicycle - Cambridge 2012

Gondolier - Venice 2011

Concert Watchers - Lugano, Switzerland 2012

Couple planning their visit to HMS Victory - Portsmouth 2013

Biker stopping for ice cream - Superior, Arizona 2013

Youngsters waiting for their lunch break to end - Oxford 2013

Ladies at Lunch - London 1997

Gents at Lunch - London 1997

City Break - London 1997

Barbers Shop - London 2011

Two girls and their shopping - Nimes, France 2007

Waiting for Teacher - Hong Kong 1999

Melon Seller - Chinon, France 2013

Hello - Kings Cross area, London 2015

Station Master - Kostelec u Jihlavy, Czech Republic 2015

Outside the Cafe - Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic 2015

Portrait Artist in Montmartre - Paris 2014

Take-away Food (Not Just Fish) - Cayucos, California, USA 1986

Metro Passengers - Paris 2014

Ladies with Umbrellas - Nice, France 2014

Waiting for Johnny - Olomouc, Czech Republic 2015

Waiting for Lunch - Marylebone, London 2014

Queueing for the Ride - Southend 2015

Ready to Ride - Pinner, London 2015

Enjoying the Scenery - Whipsnade, Bedfordshire 2013

Rods at the Ready - Southwold 2018


I will add new images to this page as they become available, and I'll try to keep the list up to date at the same time.

If I don't, Let Me Know.

If you would like to promote an exhibition of these pictures as prints, thank you, that would be just fantastic! Please Let Me Know.


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