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Information and Advice about Your Prints

Once you're inside the Photo Galleries, you can browse to your heart's content, run slideshows, even select your favourites and email a link to yourself or to a friend.

Please be aware though that all this will be a little cumbersome on a mobile - it should all work, but the larger the screen the better really.


However, if you like one (or even more than one) of my photographs and would like to order prints, the clever people at theimagefile who helped me build this website have made it pretty easy to order unmounted prints for automatic delivery from Loxley Colour labs. You can order individual prints, or use the Bulk Order option to select a number of pictures for printing.

Please Note: You should be aware that there is a risk of any print being cropped by up to 2mm on any edge. This will be more noticeable on smaller prints than larger ones. If you're concerned about possible cropping of a particular image, please add a note to your order.

Ordering Prints

The process for ordering prints is the same in each gallery, although the sizes and finishes available differ. For further details, and for information on prices and delivery, please scroll down this page.

In the Main Gallery, you have to select a Group (essentially a sub-Gallery) before you can see the individual prints within it. In the other Galleries, all the prints are together.
** The new option to buy packs of Postcards works in exactly the same way.**

When you display an individual image, all the details you need to place an order for it are shown underneath the display.

Within each Gallery, all the images you select will go into the familiar shopping basket.
Unfortunately you cannot mix an order from the four Galleries, because they work differently. You'll need to make separate orders, sorry.

When you go to Checkout, after filling in your contact details and checking your order, you'll be taken to a Paypal screen. In the event that you already have a Paypal account, then you'll know what to do.

If you don't have a Paypal account, please don't get confused. Just select the option to pay by card. (You may be invited to sign up to Paypal, but don't sign up unless you want to - just stick to your guns and enter your card details.)

Ordering Choose your Colour Prints

Each image in the Choose your Colour Gallery is displayed in four colours, and prints in those colours can be ordered in the normal way. However, if you would like a different colour, please Let Me Know and I will be in touch with you by email.


Prices are fairly straighforward, as follows:

Size in inches
(see Print Sizes )
Lustre or Gloss/
(see Print Finishes)
9" x 6" £7.50/ -
12" x 8" £12/£15
15" x 10" £20/£25
18" x 12" £30/£35
24" x 16" £40/£45
21" x 6" or 21" x 7" £30/£35


The cost of shipping depends on weight and country of order (yes, you can order from outside the UK), and will be added only at Checkout. The minimum shipping cost is £1.95.

Postcards cost £15 for a pack of 10 ("London" or "Reflections"), or £25 if you buy one of each pack. Postcard prices include shipping.


You will be quoted 5-10 days for delivery. For simple orders, with a following wind, it should be sooner than 5 days.

If you find that what you get back isn't what you expected, please Let Me Know and I will find out what happened and let you know what can be done.

Print Finishes

Prints from the Main Gallery, "Horizontles" and "Verticles" are offered in either Lustre or Gloss finish, and all except the 9" x 6" size in Metallic finish.

"Choose Your Colour" prints are offered in a either Gloss or Metallic (just because I don't think Lustre works well for them).

I suspect most people know what a glossy print looks like, so you'll probably know what to expect. Lustre is more subtle, and in almost all cases I prefer it, but it's obviously a question of taste.

Metallic finish is a bit more expensive, and works well with bright, brash images - this one for example. So be selective!

Print Sizes

The world of print sizes hasn't quite grasped the metric reality yet. So in most collections I am offering prints in the following sizes: 9" x 6", 12" x 8", 15" x 10", 18" x 12". (Obviously these sizes are reversed for vertical images - 6" x 9", etc.) What all these have in common is their aspect ratio of 3:2. For only a limited number of images I extend this to 24" x 16".

The only exceptions to this are prints from the "Horizontles" and "Verticles" Galleries, which are all either 21" x 6" or 21" x 7", depending on the image.


If you want to frame the picture, then you will need a frame of your chosen size, or a larger frame with an inner mount of that size. Of course if you  get it framed professionally, you have no restrictions and can specify exactly what you want.

I cannot offer a framing service, but I can offer advice. I can also help you think about images that might best fit your decor, or how separate individual photographs can be best be displayed together. If you'd like to try me, Let Me Know.

If you live in a world of ISO sizes, it's perhaps worth mentioning, if you insist, that:

  • A4 converts to 11.69" x 8.27". So you could squeeze a 12" x 8" print in an A4 frame if you chopped a little off the shorter dimension, but you'd have a thin gap on the other dimension.
  • A3 converts to 16.55" x 11.69". So a 15" x 10" print would fit an A3 frame, with a fairly even border of a couple of centimetres around it .