John Probert Photography

A few words about my photographs

I've been taking photographs for a long time. At first I used mainly to take my camera on holiday, or on days out. But there is little more annoying to a companion, who may just want to get on with sightseeing or shopping, than having to hang around whilst I sort out the best angle, exposure, differential focus...

So increasingly I would go out alone with my camera specifically to take photographs, and generally the results would be a bit better. Here's one I took in Paris thirty years ago, and although it's perhaps slightly saucy, it's still probably my all-time favourite.

Just occasionally I would go out early in the day or late in the evening, when the "photographers' rulebook" tells you the best images are to be found (and on the whole it's true). But I didn't really specialise. It was easier to say what I didn't take photographs of: no studio portraits, not too much natural history, certainly no weddings (far too prescriptive, unless you can mooch around in the background looking for the candid shots).

I have even mounted exhibitions called "So what sort of pictures do you take then?", because that was the question I was always asked, but couldn't satisfactorily answer.

More recently, though, I have started to notice a few trends in the types of photographic subject that attract me. So if you go to the Main Gallery, you'll see that there are some themes, such as reflections in glass or water, that I think are fairly self-explanatory. I've tried to group most of my images in this way, but you'll also find a "Mixed Bag" section where I've put everything that doesn't fit neatly anywhere else, because galleries with one image in them might really be a little tedious.

(I have also set up slideshows offering "rolling exhibitions", one on the theme of "Waiting", and another on the illuminations of Strasbourg Cathedral. Those are the only photos that are not for sale.)

Everything that's in the Main Gallery can be ordered automatically through a direct link with Loxley Colour in Glasgow, whom I've used for some years and trust. But I have limited what you can print to a relatively small number of sizes that I know will work, and which are multiples of the 3:2 ratio that applies to all these images. For more detailed information on all that, please look at About Your Prints.

The "Poster Edges" Group, within the Main Gallery, contains images on which I have used a software filter to create a sort of stylised representation of a scene. Here's an example. I like these, but some people don't, so I've kept most of them separate (although there are also a few in other galleries, notably the Windows and Doors Group.) However you can print them in exactly the same way as any others in the Main Gallery.

I've also used other software filters to create effects on a few other images. They should be pretty obvious when you see them!


The second and third Galleries are called "Horizontles"and "Verticles" (sic) and contains elongated images. The original idea of producing "vertical" prints came from an exhibition where I had to fill a space in a corner that was rather narrow. The image I used, shown here, sold several times, and was clearly being used for a similar purpose in people's homes. I extended this to produce a few panoramic landscape images (maybe to go over the mantelpiece, or the bed). The images in these Galleries must be ordered separately from those in the Main Gallery, but the process is the same - for details see About Your Prints.


The fourth Gallery, Choose your Colours, shows images created using a software effect called "Threshold", which separates the image into two single tones, one black, one white. The white part can then be filled in by any colour(s). Each image is shown in four different colours, and you can order any of these in the normal way. But if you don't like any of the colours available, you can choose exactly what colour you would like in the image, and I will organise it for you - for details see About Your Prints.